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Helping kids be kids by playing Football

Giving Football’s mission is to provide underprivileged youth the opportunity to play football, team build, and just have fun!

About Us

About fundraising

Giving Football is a local nonprofit committed to providing underprivileged youth in domestic and international children’s shelters with essential football lessons, equipment, and healthy food options where was once impossible. 

We believe that the spirit of football can instill these young players with a sense of confidence and happiness, ensuring them a carefree day to train with some of the most celebrated players in the field. With your help, we can continue to give youth around the world a day to remember. 

I had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of children in need when I donated to Giving Football. The children had experienced such an amazing day that I am lucky to be a part of even if I was not physically there. I could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that our donation positively impacted these children’s lives.
Robart Brown
Our Donner
The hours that I spend volunteering for Giving Football are the best part of my week. I always look forward to every trip and seeing other volunteers and the delightful staff, and I especially cherish the times when I go visit the kids. I feel that discovering Giving Football has been one of the greatest events in my life.
John Brown

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